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NL02 NL03 NL04 NL05 NL06A
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NL11 NL12 NL13 NL14 NL15 NL16 NL17 NL18 NL19 NL20
NL21 NL22 NL23 NL24 NL25 NL26 NL27 NL28 NL29 NL30
NL31 NL32 NL33 NL34 NL35 NL36 NL37 NL38 NL39 NL40
NL41 NL42 NL43 NL44 NL45 NL46 NL47 NL48 NL49 NL50
NL51 NL52 NL53 NL54 NL55 NL56 NL57 NL58 NL59 NL60
NL61 NL62 NL63 NL64 NL65 NL66 NL67 NL68 NL69 NL70
NL71 NL72 NL73 NL74 NL75 NL76 --- --- --- ---
PM02 PM03 PM04 PM05 PM06A
PM07 PM08 PM09 PM10
PM12 PM13 PM14 PM15 PM16 PM17 PM18 PM19 PM20
PM21 PM22 PM23 PM24 PM25 --- --- --- --- ---
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Part A: To get codes from the subject index.

Acharya-svarup,---------- PS02 
Adharmasikaya,---------- NL01, NL13, NL41
Akasa (Space),---------- NL01, NL13, NL41
Anekanta,---------- NL16, NL19, NL66, PM01, PM04, PM25,  PS11, PM15
Anekantavada,---------- NL66, PM25
Anekantvad application,---------- PM01, PM25
Anekant view of Self,---------- PM04, PM25
Basic for children,---------- PM18
Basic Principles of Jainism,---------- NL55
BhagavatiAradhana,---------- ps01
Bhavana,---------- NL26
Bhed-Vigyan and computer,---------- PM24
Biographic,---------- NL42
Bioethical,---------- NL46
Biological intelligence,---------- NL24, NL06B, NL46
Biological structures,---------- NL24, NL27, NL06B
Breathing exercise,---------- PM16
Code of Conduct for Anuvrati,---------- NL71
Cognition and consciousness,---------- NL30, NL06B, NL47, NL48, NL51
Cognition and happiness,---------- NL30
Cognition and knowledge,---------- NL27, NL06B
Cognition process,---------- NL25, NL06B
Cognition,---------- NL16, NL06B
Color,---------- NL31
Color, theories of,---------- NL31
Concept of living beings,---------- NL35, NL06B
Concept of matter,---------- NL38
Conduct (Jain) in modern context,---------- PM24
Consciousness and Knowledge,---------- NL16
Consciousness ,---------- NL11, NL17, NL23, NL35, PS03, NL06B
Contemplation, ---------- NL28
Cosmic consciousness, ---------- NL15, NL06B
Cosmology,---------- NL20
Cosmos,---------- NL18
Darsana (Perception),---------- NL30
Demerit (Papa), ---------- NL21
Dhammapada,---------- PS09
Dharmadhyana,---------- NL28
Dharmastikaya,---------- NL01, NL13, NL41
Dhyan,---------- PS05, PM13, PM14
Doctrine of Karma,---------- NL61, NL62
Dravya,---------- NL41, PS11, PM24
Dualism,---------- NL11, NL17
Editing art,---------- PS08
Eleven doubts, ---------- NL21
Emotions and bhava, ---------- NL26
Empirical knowledge,---------- NL30
Empirical soul, ---------- NL24
Entropy,---------- NL20
Evolution of life, ---------- NL18, NL39, NL06B
Faculties of soul,---------- NL27, NL06B
Faith healing,---------- NL15
Fate of universe,---------- NL20
Global and Societal Problems,---------- NL75
God (Deva),---------- NL21
Heaven (Existence?),---------- PM03, PM24
Hell,---------- NL21
Hell (Existence?),---------- PM03, PM24
Higher Virtues,---------- NL73, NL74
Human faculties,---------- NL24
Human welfare,---------- PS07
Intelligent biological processes---------- NL24, NL27, NL06B
Intelligent design,---------- NL18
Interaction between bodies,---------- NL15
IryaSamiti,---------- PM24
Jain conduct (significance),---------- PM09
Jain cosmology and universe,---------- NL39
Jain Darshan- Overview,---------- NL57
Jain Dualism,---------- NL14,NL15
Jain Ethics,---------- NL68, NL69, NL70
Jain Mathematics,---------- NL32
Jain Metaphysics and Science,---------- NL03, NL43,
Jain philosophy and modern physics,---------- NL13, PM15
Jain philosophy in modern scientific perspective,---------- NL39
Jain dialectic,---------- NL19
Jain Doctrine of Karma,---------- NL02
Jainism and Science,---------- NL01, NL06B
Jiva or Soul,---------- NL60
Jivastikaya or Jiva (Soul) ,---------- NL13, NL17, NL41
Jnana (Knowledge),---------- NL30, NL06B
Kala (Time), ---------- NL01, NL13, NL41
Karma (Karman) body,---------- NL15,
Karma,---------- NL01, NL14, NL17, NL21, NL37, NL40,  PM07
Karma, Scientific explanation of bonding,---------- NL12, NL40
Karmic expression,---------- NL37
Karmic laws and science,---------- NL40, PM07, PM24, NL50, NL52
Knowledge and enlightenment,---------- NL29
KundakundAchary,---------- PM11
I (Who am?),---------- PM04
Lectures on Basic Principles of Jainism,---------- NL56
Life system,---------- NL27
Life,---------- NL20, NL21
Literature,---------- PS01, PS04, PS10, PS11
Living system,---------- NL05, NL37, NL06B
MahavirTirthamkar,---------- PM09,  PM24
Mahavrata,---------- NL72
Manuscript care,---------- PS08
Materialism,---------- NL11, NL14, NL23
Mathematics,---------- PM21
Matter (Pudgalastikaya, Pudgal),---------- NL01, NL13, NL39, NL44
Matter in Jain philosophy,---------- NL33, NL44
Meditation,---------- PS05, PM13, PM14, PM24
Merit (Punya),---------- NL21
Mind and Jainism,---------- NL23, NL06B
Mind,---------- NL11, NL14, NL15, NL16, Nl17, NL06B
Modes,---------- NL01, NL13
Moha,---------- NL29
Moksa,---------- NL21
Molecular size estimate,---------- PM19
Namokar Mantra,---------- PS11
Naya,---------- NL16, NL19
Neuro-electromagnetic fields,---------- NL15
Nimitta,---------- PM08, PM24
Nine Padarthas,---------- NL64
Non-tangible substances,---------- NL39
Ontology,---------- PM17
Padartha,---------- PS11
Palya (VyavaharPalya),---------- PM24
PanchParmesthi,---------- NL76
Paryapti,---------- NL53
Passions,---------- NL26
Perceptual cognition,---------- NL30, NL06B
Philosophy of mind,---------- NL17, NL06B
Pramana type knowledge,---------- NL19
Pramana,---------- NL16
Prana,---------- NL17, NL53
Prakrat,---------- PS12
Pranayama,---------- NL12, NL15, PM16
Pudgala,---------- NL41
Qualities (Metaphysical) ,---------- NL01
Quantum mechanics,---------- NL22, PM22, NL06B, PM24
Quantum Mechanics and consciousness,---------- NL22
Ratnatraya,---------- NL67
Right belief (lecture audio 32 minutes),---------- PM05
Samayasaar,---------- PM11, PM11A,  PM23, PM24
Samayik,---------- PM13, PM24
SamyakDarshan,---------- PM05
Sanskrit literature,---------- PS10
Santhara/Sallekhana/Samadhimaran,---------- PS06, NL45
Science and hell and heaven,---------- PM03
Science and Karma,---------- PM07
Science and lawfulness,---------- PM06a, PM06b
Science and soul,---------- PM02, PM11, NL06B
Scientific Explorations of Jain Doctrines,---------- NL04, NL06B, NL43
Science Jainism and living systems,---------- NL05, NL06B, NL54
Seven Tattvas,---------- NL63
Six Substances,---------- NL58, NL59
Soul,---------- NL01, NL11, NL16, NL18, NL21, NL23, NL25, PM02, PM10, PM11, PM12, PM20, PM24
Soul and biology,---------- NL06B, NL39, NL54
Soul (Existence?),---------- PM02, PM24
Soul intelligence,---------- NL27, NL06B
Stress and view regarding self,---------- PM04
Soul-matter interaction,---------- NL35
Spiritual evolution,---------- NL35, NL06B
Spirituality and science,---------- NL28, NL34
Structural concept of soul,---------- NL25
Substance (Reality, Real),---------- NL01, NL13, NL17
Syadavada,---------- NL16, NL19, PS11
Systems philosophy,---------- NL19
Systems theory,---------- NL16, Nl19
Tejas (Fiery) body,---------- NL15
Theory of Knowledge,---------- NL65
Upaadaan,---------- PM08, PM24
Uttaradhyayansutra,---------- PS09
Vargana (Energy fields),---------- NL01, NL15, NL49
Violence in travelling,---------- NL36
Who am?,---------- PM24

Part B: Details of contents as per codes

NL01. Jainism & science (Lecture, English)
NL02. Jain Doctrine of Karma-The Religious and Scientific Dimensions (Book, English)
NL03. Jain Metaphysics and Science-A Comparison (Book, English)
NL04. Scientific Explorations of Jain Doctrines (Book, English)
NL05. A Scientific Study of Living Systems in Jainism (Book, English)
NL06. Living Systems in Jainism: A Scientific Study (Book English) (A is cover, B gives Main)
NL11. Consciousness, Soul and Scientific Faith (Article, English)
NL12. Bonding of Karma - A Scientific Explanation (Article, English)
NL13. Jain Philosophy and Modern Physics (Article, English)
NL14. Jain Dualism-1. A Philosophical and Scientific Analysis (Article, English)
NL15. Jain Dualism-2. Fields and Interactions (Article, English)
NL16. Consciousness and Knowledge-A Jain Perspective in Modern Context (Article, English)
NL17. Philosophy of Mind-A Jain Perspective (Article, English)
NL18. Soul-THe Intelligent Designer (Article, English)
NL19. Systems Philosophy in Ancient Jaina Texts (Article, English)
NL20. The Universe of the Universe- Argument from Jain Philosophy (Article, English)
NL21. The Eleven Doubts (Article, English)
NL22. Consciousness-Quantum and Jainism.  Part I (Article, English)
NL23. Consciousness-Quantum and Jainism.  Part II (Article, English)
NL24. Biological Intelligence and Human Faculties (Article, English)
NL25. Some Structural Concepts of Soul (Article, English)
NL26. Emotions and Bhava in Jainism and Western Thought (Article, English)
NL27. Soul Intelligence, Biological Processes and Biological Structures- An Epistemological Study (Article, English)
NL28. Contemplation (Dharma dhyana), Spirituality and Science (Article, English)
NL29. Moha, Knowledge and Enlightenment (Article, English)
NL30. Cognition and Consciusness-Jainism and Contemporary Views (Article, English)
NL31. Color-A Comparative Study in Jain Perspective (Article, English)
NL32. Jain Mathematics -Historical and Modern Aspects (Article, English)
NL33. Matter (Pudgalastikaya or Pudgala) in Jain Philosophy (Article, English)
NL34. Science and Spirituality- Complementary Partners (Article, English)
NL35. Concept of living  beings, Consciousness and soul-matter interaction in Jain Philosophy (Article, English)
NL36. Himsa (Violence)  in Travelling (Article, English)
NL37. Karmas, Living System. Genes & Human Performance (Article, English)
NL38. Concepts of matter in Jain Philosophy and Modern Science (Article, English)
NL39. Jain Philosophy in Modern Scientific Perspective (Article, English)
NL40. Jain Karma Siddhant, AdhyatmaaurVigyan (Book, Hindi)
NL41. Shad DravyakiVaigyanikMimansa (Book, Hindi)
NL42. Two Innings of My Life (Book, English)
NL43. Jain metaphysics and science (Book, English)
NL44. Matter in Jain philosophy (Article, English)
NL45. Sallekhana and Santhara or Samadhimaran (Article, English)
NL46. Some bioethical issues in Jain perspective (Article, English)
NL47. Consciousness and collective consciousness (Article, English)
NL48. Idea of consciousness in the light of Jain and western philosophy (Article, English)
NL49. Matter and form of microstructure, vargana in Jainism (Article, English)
NL50. The subtle and elementary physical structures in Jainism perspective (Article, English)
NL51. Consciousness: Issues in western philosophy and understanding it in Jainism perspective (Article, English)
NL52. Intelligent subtle forces and fields decide human performance: Jain perspective-I (Article, English)
NL53. Jain concepts of Prana and Paryapti: Two essential conditions of life (Article, English)
NL54. Soul-mind-body interaction model of human performance: Jain perspective-II (Article, English)
NL 55.  Basic Principles of Jainism (Book, English)
NL 56. Lectures on Basic Principles of Jainism (Introduction, English)
NL 57. Jain Darshan-Overview – (Video, English)
NL 58. Six Substances- I(Video, English)
NL 59. Six Substances-II (Video, English)
NL 60. JIva or Soul (Video, English)
NL 61. Doctrine of Karma- I (Video, English)
NL 62. Doctrine of Karma- II (Video, English)
NL 63. Seven Tattvas- (Video, English)
NL 64. Nine Padarthas- (Video, English)
NL 65. Theory of Knowledge (Video, English)
NL 66. Anekantavada (Video, English)
NL 67. Ratnatraya (Video, English)
NL 68. Jain Ethics- I (Video, English)
NL 69. Jain Ethics- II (Video, English)
NL 70. Jain Ethics- III (Video, English)
NL 71. Code of Conduct for Anuvrati (Video, English)
NL 72. Mahavrata(Video, English)
NL 73 Higher Virtues – I (Video, English)
NL 74 Higher Virtues – II (Video, English)
NL 75. Global and Societal Problems (Video, English)
NL 76. PanchParmesthi (Video, English)
PM01A and PM01B. Application of Anekantvad (multiple points of view) in our day-to-day life. ( Book)  (Hindi) (A is cover, B gives Main)
PM02.  Modern science and the existence of soul (Article) (English).
PM03. Modern views regarding life in various galaxies: Do hell and heaven exist? (Article in English) 
PM04. Who am I? Can its right answer reduce stress? (Article inHindi)
PM05. Right Belief (SamyakDarshan) as described in RatnakarandShravakachar. (32-minute audio)(Hindi)
PM06A and PM06B. Science and lawfulness (lecture video) (a) 30 minute (b) 2minute.
PM07. Science and Karmik laws (Article in Hindi).
PM08. NimittaUpaadaan [Article] [English]
PM09. Lord Mahavir and significance of his teachings in modern times [Article] [Hindi]
PM10. Pure soul of a worldly being! How is it meaningful? (15 -minute audio) [Hindi+English]
PM11. Samayasaar_soul_science_part_1 [Book] [English]
PM11A. Samayasaar_soul_science_part_2 [Book] [English]
PM12. Knowledge of the Self and its worldly benefits [Article] [Hindi]
PM13. Samayik and Meditation [Article] [Hindi]
PM14. Dhyan [Article] [Hindi]
PM15. Understanding Jain philosophy through simple examples [Article] [English]
PM16. Breathing exercise [Article] [Hindi]
PM17. Jain ontology [Article] [English]
PM18. Basic concepts for children [Booklet][English]
PM19. Molecular size estimate in Jain scriptures [Article] [English]
PM20. Meaning of purity of soul [Article] [Hindi]
PM21. Purpose of Jain mathematics [Article] [English]
PM22. Quantum concepts in Jain metaphysics [Article] [English]
PM23. Science and Samayasaar stanza 3 [Article] [English]
PM24: JeevanKeLiyeUpayogiAdhyatmaKaVaigyanikChintan: A collection of articles in Hindi.
PM25: Application of Anekantvad (multiple points of view) in our day-to-day life. ( Book)  (Hindi) (Revised edition)
PS01. A Rare Manuscript of BhagavatîÅrådhanå [Article] [English]
PS02. Acharya kaSorupa and nirupana[Article] [Hindi]
PS03. Adhyatm and chetna lecture 2016 [Lecture_slides] [Hindi]
PS04. BhartiyasahityaaurSaurseniPrakrit [Article] [Hindi]
PS05. Concept and Stages of Meditation in Jainism [Lecture_slides] [English]
PS06. Jain sahity main SallekhanaaurSanthara [Article] [Hindi]
PS07. Jainism and Human Welfare [Lecture_slides] [English]
PS08. pandulipi and sampadankala [Lecture_slides] [Hindi]
PS09. PrakritDhammapada and Uttaradhyayansutra [Article] [Hindi]
PS10. Sanskrit Jain Kavyonkaadhyayana [Article] [Hindi]
PS11. Teaching notes on Jainism [Lecture_notes] [English] 
PS12. Prakrat Language and Literature Contributions of ancient Prakrat stories (Lecture video)